LOVE TRACTOR 'Love Tractor' LP


A remixed and expanded version of the 1982 self-titled album from Athens, Georgia's LOVE TRACTOR. Music scenes never invent themselves, except when they do. That’s what makes the story of Athens, Georgia so exceptional and enduring. Punk rock may have cast its seeds to the wind in the late 1970s, but no one could have predicted it would take root in a sleepy little Georgia college town and blossom in a way that would change the face of music. In early 1980, three friends and fellow art students MARK CLINE, MICHAEL RICHMOND and ARMISTEAD WELLFORD came together to make music. They didn’t have many contemporaries, aside from The B-52s and Pylon, both fine acts. But Lpve Tractor didn’t sound like either. Choosing the name Love Tractor, the group soon happened upon a sound. Each member came from different musical backgrounds and had different musical influences, yet instead of devoting themselves to one particular influence, they simply let the songs dictate themselves. In Love Tractor's eleven tracks, you can hear a band inventing a sound that resonates with familiarity whilst offering something most unique. One can hear an amalgam of sounds throughout—a little post-punk here, some art-rock there, and a dash of Ennio Morricone there. More importantly, you can hear the electric sounds of the fresh and budding Athens, Georgia scene being born on this recording. No one could have predicted it, but Love Tractor was the sound of the present and of the future. In fact, four decades on, it’s hard to think of any records that sounded like Love Tractor at the time, yet today you can hear the album’s influences on many a recording.

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