A vinyl reissue of the first “solo” album recorded under his own name by SEBADOH, FOLK IMPLOSION, and SENTRIDOH main man LOU BARLOW. A lush, well-produced album with eight tracks recorded with producers MARK NEVERS, JOSH SCHWARTZ, and WALLY GAGEL, and six tracks recorded by Barlow at home. "Emoh is primarily an acoustic LP with live performances at its core, and that was a personal achievement for me. I’m still very pleased with it. Though my follow-up, Goodnight Unknown, went back inward and is, lyrically, more evasive, with Emoh I realigned myself with my craft. I had embraced songwriting in a high-profile way and made myself solely responsible for the results. The fact that it coincided with becoming a father for the first time makes it a time marker and game changer that has been invaluable to me, serving to keep me focused and on track personally and creatively ever since."

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