Deluxe expanded 30th anniversary edition. Available on RED/ YELLOW vinyl or classic Black 2LP.

The breakthrough record that took American alt rock global and catapulted Evan Dando into the hearts of a generation. With a wealth of unreleased demos, alternative versions and rarities - including covers of Victoria Williams, Buddy Holly and The Flying Burrito Brothers plus the Cole Porter standard 'Miss Otis Regrets'. In the 90's Evan's Lemonheads produced hit after a hit, a string of super cool singles: 'Big Gay Heart', 'Into Your Arms', 'It's About Time', and 'The Great Big NO'. Pure genius filling the radio waves and taking the stage... Some 30 years on; Evan is still knocking that song writing thing out of the park and 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' sounds as fresh and perky as it ever did. Amid the hits on the original record are stencils and outlines for yet more magical music and now this deluxe edition adds a second disc of demos and acoustic versions, plus a host of one-offs from sessions and compilations that add further color to the myth and how it was created. There's the cover of Victoria Williams' 'Frying Pan' from her 'Sweet Relief' album, which is joined by an eclectic set of flipsides and out-takes, like their version of 'Little Black Egg' by The Nightcrawlers, Evan's homage to Gram Parsons on the winsome 'Streets Of Baltimore' and Buddy Holly's melancholy 'Learning The Game'. Evan knows a good song when he hears it, as 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' certainly proved. "Come On Feel was home to some of his best, sharpest writing - fabulous sunny power-pop and beautiful ballads"

Side A
A1. The Great Big No
A2. Into Your Arms
A3. It's About Time
A4. Down About it
A5. Paid to Smile
A6. Big Gay Heart
A7. Style
A8. Rest Assured
Side B
B1. Dawn Can't Decide
B2. I'll do it Anyway
B3. Rick James Style
B4. Being Around
B5. Favorite T
B6. You Can Take it With You
B7. The Jello Fund ( + Lenny - hidden track)
Side C – Alternative & Acoustic
C1. Big Gay Heart (Demo)
C2. Being Around (Alternative)
C3. Into Your Arms (Acoustic)
C4. Down About It (Acoustic)
C5. Deep Bottom Cove
C6. Acoustic Rick James Style
C7. It's About Time (Acoustic)
Side D – Covers & Curiosities
D1. Miss Otis regrets
D2. Learning the Game
D3. Little Black Egg
D4. Streets of Baltimore (Acoustic)
D5. Frying Pan
D6. He's on the Beach
D7. Favorite T (Live in Session)

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