Dog Disco is the 2004 long player from legendary UK band LEATHERFACE.

"Dog Disco just may be Leatherface at their most melodic. Frankie Stubbs' may have been far more raging and abrasive in the past, but he's never been this consistently soulful. There's a history in these songs, a world-weary sense of wisdom for lack of a better description. You can hear that in both the band's anthems like the album opening "Hoodlum" to heartfelt material like "Plastic Surgery." The twelve tracks that make up the record may not be the most immediate material the band's ever recorded, but it's certainly a fine addition to their body of work. Furthermore Dog Disco works well as a cohesive album, something the band's always strived for and have once again accomplished. One must understand that Leatherface is a band that bleeds intensity, and even their more low-key songs give a sense of pressure and movement. Despite their many imitators, few bands have truly achieved this like Leatherface has." - punknews.org

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