“…jangly outbursts indebted to a spectrum of ‘80s underground greats, from R.E.M., to the Fall to the Flying Nun catalog…”-Stereogum

Alex Mussawir is a product of Columbus, Ohio which means he is both literate, humble, sardonic and completely Midwest in the same vein as Times New Viking, Ron House and James Thurber were. Alex has a long history of making music and writing. His first Columbus band, The Goners were formed while he was in high school (as was his first book of published poetry) was a band who sounded like they were ready to explode off a tightrope, but broke up after they released their first tape (ex-member Catherine Elicson would move to Philly and form Empath). Alex next formed the Future Nuns, a band that sounded like a great lost Flying Nun or early Homestead band and after they broke up Alex created Kneeling In Piss which takes the best from his previous bands and melds them into something stronger but still loose enough to remain elusive, as if they were slouching towards greatness.

Musically touching on both Times New Viking, Ron House’s Great Plains as well as the best of home recordings, Kneeling in Piss perfectly captures the sound of living in a large city but feeling small and questioning the world at large. Originally released on cassette on Faq-U in 2019 it quickly went out of print. Remastered for vinyl while they continue to record (check out their bandcamp for new recordings). Limited run of 500 copies with lyric sheet included. -Bela Koe-Krompecher, Anyway Records resident social worker.

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