KNAPSACK 'Day Three Of My New Life' LP


Knapsack's 1997 classic album 'Day Three Of My New Life' - limited edition reissue LP on Poison City!

Featuring members of Samiam and The Jealous Sound, California’s Knapsack originally formed in 1993. After signing to Alias Records, their debut ‘Silver Sweepstakes’ was born in 1995, followed by tours with the likes of Pavement, Jawbox and Rocket From The Crypt. Before peacefully disbanding in 2000 the band released the cult classic albums ‘Day Three Of My New Life’ (1997) and ‘This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now’ (1998). Knapsack's 2013 reunion at Florida’s seminal ‘The Fest’ and sold out shows in LA and New York were greeted with much praise and excitement.

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"In the 15 years since its final tour, one that saw At The Drive-In as the opening act, Knapsack has continued to be a necessary reference point in emo’s history, as it bridged the gap between the sound’s proliferation in its second wave and its profitability in its third." - A.V Club

An absolute must for fans of Rival Schools, Samiam, Seaweed and Jawbreaker!

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