KING BEE 'King Bee' LP


1. Moon on the Rise
2. Clouds of Dawn
3. Suicide Mission
4. Carolina
5. Castaway
6. Ring of Fire
7. Crystal Is Falling
8. Death of a Gunfighter
9. Stream of Things
10. Caught in the Middle
11. Headache
12. Zipgun
13. Hot Pistol
14. When I Was 21

More than 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING! Doomtown Sounds, in collaboration with Toody Cole and the surviving members of the band, is proud to present the release of the KING BEE album, containing a dozen unreleased studio and live songs recorded between 1977 and 1981. King Bee was Fred Cole's late 70's band, and their music occupied an important position in Fred's development as a songwriter. This often-overlooked part of Fred's career saw him combining elements of his 60's roots with this new sound called punk rock, and it was this synthesis of styles which led to the Rats, and, eventually, to the creation of Dead Moon.

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