HUMAN PARTS (Against Me!) 'S/t' LP

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HUMAN PARTS is the new project from Andrew Seward (former bassist for Against Me!)

FOR FANS OF: The Clash, Against Me!, Dead To Me, Operation Ivy.

Some people make music because they enjoy it and others do because they have no other choice, but Human Parts fall into both categories. Andrew Seward originally conceptualised the project during his tenure as bassist in punk band Against Me! but it wasn't until he left the act earlier this year that he was able to give Human Parts the attention it deserved. Subsequently Andrew was able to focus energy on his own unfiltered musical vision, one that's only made stronger by the inclusion of friends, family and co-conspirators. Joined by his wife, Verite Seward, Human Parts also includes Andy "Pants" Schwich and longtime friend from the Gainesville music community, Kim Helm (Whiskey & Co.)

Musically Human Parts manages to reference punk's past and present while effortlessly injecting elements from other genres, the same way Dead Kennedys did with surf guitar or Subhumans did with progressive rock. "This whole process has been about not over thinking and just having fun with it," Andrew says of his approach to the music. Lyrically Human Parts delves into everything from the way the Sewards' dog reacts to thunderstorms ('The Rumble') to the perils of celebrity culture ('Hi, Nice To Meet You').

Ultimately Human Parts is about Seward's experience as a father, friend and former band member but none of these songs are about outside influences as much as they're a glimpse in Andrew's own thought processes, which include the positives as well as the insecurities. "I've been gone for a decade and I love being home, but I've also been playing in bands since I was 14 so I don't know how not to do this". Andrew summarises when asked about the future plans for Human Parts. "Me and my wife talk all the time about the fact that we want our kid to see that neither of us were ever afraid to do anything and this band embodies that commitment."

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