GOOD MORNING - ‘Prize / Reward’ LP


On their debut album Prize // Reward, Melbourne’s Good Morning look a little further outside themselves. A record of reflections, equally melodic and melancholic, Prize // Reward is the first time Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons have recorded and mixed a Good Morning release alone. After signing with Bedroom Suck and reissuing two existing EPs as one record, last year’s Glorcross, the band travelled and toured extensively across Australia and overseas.

A step away from the often illusory and obscure Glorcross, Prize // Reward takes the everyday and unravels it, a fine line drawn between reverie and anxiety. It’s warm to the touch, guitars and vocals sometimes nostalgic and lethargic, sometimes spiky. Keys and piano have a stronger presence on Prize // Reward than on earlier Good Morningreleases, and Glenn Blair — Stefan’s dad — plays saxophone on half the tracks. Recording at their own pace, across two years and five different houses, the band’s first album is fragmented, but not haphazard — conceived as a whole, it relishes imperfection and idiosyncrasy, and reflects on anxiety, self-doubt, and anger with a disarmingly personable candour”. - Bedroom Suck Records

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