GERMS 'M.I.A The Complete Anthology' 2LP


Porterhouse have curated the worldwide vinyl debut of The Germs (MIA) The Complete Anthology. Porterhouse delivers a rejuvenated MIA that's completely re-mastered and re-sequenced for vinyl. The album GI appears as one 12" LP and the other LP sees the complete original sequence of the What We Do Is Secret EP, including the Live version of The Other Newest One and previously deleted live dialogue from lead singer Darby Crash. You'll now be able to experience the EP as it was actually intended to be heard.

Additionally, songs recovered from the Cruising Motion Picture Soundtrack and the band's early 7"s will complete the flip-side of the second LP in the anthology. The initial pressing of The Complete Anthology consists of a two LP set featuring black and blue vinyl with reverse labels. The package also includes the original liner notes.

1. What We Do Is Secret
2. Communist Eyes
3. Land Of Treason
4. Richie Dagger's Crime
5. Strange Notes
6. American Leather
7. Lexicon Devil
8. Manimal
9. Our Way
10. We Must Bleed
11. Media Blitz
12. The Other Newest One
13. Let's Pretend
14. Dragon Lady
15. The Slave
16. Shut Down
17. Round And Round
18. Lexicon Devil
19. Circle One
20. Caught In My Eye
21. No God
22. The Other Newest One
23. My Tunnel
24. Forming
25. Sex Boy
26. Throw It Away
27. Not All Right
28. Now I Hear The Laughter
29. Going Down
30. Lion's Share
31. Forming 2

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