FERLA 'Personal Hotspot' LP


“Personal Hotspot is a fever dream. It’s getting hot. Everyone’s sweating under their collars, temperatures are getting taken, tempers are boiling over. The ice caps are melting, baby."

FERLA's latest greatest album 'Personal Hotspot'!

The album finds FERLA just as conflicted, deflated and infatuated as always. The world’s a tip-fire, but for FERLA the meltdown is both global and personal. Neurons misfire while the mainframe overheats. Babes are falling in love while billionaires lunch in low-earth orbit. It’s a mess. But through music FERLA are trying to find the message.

“This album is a love letter to the world, made up of the things that I hate about it,” Giuliano says of Personal Hotspot. “This is not a positive album. This album is a hot nerve. This album is not responding to OTC pain meds. But it’s got a positive message. I don’t want this to sound like new-age guruism but I believe in the power of art - and music especially - to bring people together. It’s been a despairing past couple years, but when there are so many things dividing us as a species it’s important to remember that we have more in common with each other than not. And I’m not talking superficially, I’m talking the big things. Things too big for press releases. The enormous human capacity for feeling, for one. Indifference is for amateurs. Stay turbulent, cos these feelings are born from a ferocious love for the world. I say it all better on the album so just listen to that.”

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