FEAR LIKE US 'Succour' CD + T-Shirt


Second full-length album from Fear Like Us. Special pack contains digipack CD plus limited edition t-shirt by Melbourne artist Tom Civil.

Succour: noun. 1. assistance and support in times of hardship and distress. "the wounded had little chance of succour". Rarely has an album title rung truer to the philosophy of an act. Once Novacastrian, now long-time Melbourne act FEAR LIKE US have returned with a long-awaited second LP 'Succour'.

Once loosely categorised under the 'folk punk' banner, across twelve years Fear Like Us have evolved into a powerful genre-crossing melodic punk act. Respected as one of the foundation acts signed to the landmark Poison City label, Fear Like Us have inspired and informed the sound of many of the acts on the label, whilst retaining strong folk influences and boasting very broad appeal.

Fear Like Us's impassioned sound harnesses electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, expansive drum sounds and frontman Jamie Hay's signature gravelly growl. 'Succour' will deliver shivers down your spine like the the first time you heard crowded house on a balmy summer evening. Lyrically, Hay continues to explore political injustice, the peaks and pitfalls of the modern Australian pysche, love, loss and longing. These are uniquely Australian narratives, powerful, invigorating, earthy and deeply relatable.

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