DESCENDENTS 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up' LP


Back in print!! The increasingly hard to find 1987n classic from the Descendents!!

I Don't Want to Grow Up
is the second album by iconic punks the DESCENDENTS.

A1 Descendents (1:44)
A2 I Don't Want To Grow Up (1:21)
A3 Pervert (1:47)
A4 Rockstar (0:37)
A5 No FB (0:36)
A6 Can't Go Back (1:44)
A7 GCF (2:00)
A8 My World (3:29)
A9 Theme (2:14)
B1 Silly Girl (2:25)
B2 In Love This Way (2:32)
B3 Christmas Vacation (2:39)
B4 Good Good Things (2:22)
B5 Ace (3:56)

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