DESCENDENTS 'Fartathon - Live In St Louis 1987' LP


'LIVE IN ST. LOUIS, MO, MARCH 24TH 1987 US TV BROADCAST' - Playing a particularly lively set in St. Louis on the night of March 24th, while touring in support of their January 1987 4th album 'All', the group blazed through classics from all of their early albums as well as plenty from 'All'. An amazing live set from one of the most unique groups to come out of the LA punk scene.

01. All-O-Gistics
02. Descendents
03. Cheer Me
04. My Age
05. Clean Sheets
06. Hurtin' Crue
07. I Like Food
08. Wendy (The Beach Boys Cover)
09. Van
10. Pervert
11. Coolidge
01. Silly Girl
02. Kids On Coffee
03. I Don't Want To Grow Up
04. Enjoy
05. Suburban Home
06. Good Good Things
07. Rockstar
08. No Fat Beaver
09. My Dad Sucks
10. I Wanna Be A Bear
11. I'm Not A Loser
12. Catalina
13. Kabuki Girl
14. When I Get The Time

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