DEAD BOYS '3RD Generation Nation' LP


Colour vinyl!

In January of 1978, the Dead Boys, for some ungodly reason, were sent to the Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida, to record a follow-up to 'Young Loud & Snotty'. While it was nice hanging out with Andy Gibb & Co., it could have been done cheaper and more happily in New York. Somehow, we felt as comfortable as 5 men sitting in one electric chair, as Disco and Southern Rock ruled the land, and we had spiked hair and dog collars!

The result was probably the most disappointing 2nd album in history. Felix Pappalardi, the producer, didn't understand us, and didn't want to, as he got paid no matter what, and had plenty of drugs to play with. The songs and performances however, were fine, but you sure couldn't tell it from the mix, although the cover was nice! Here is a re-EQ'd mix of the pre-EQ'd session, bringing some of the energy and spirit that was the band back out front where it belongs. Give it a second chance, it's been worth the wait!

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