Limited edition 'Crystal Clear' vinyl!

CLAMM’s music was already concerned with the woes of the world, but the last two years have added extra urgency to their blown out, dystopian punk power. Second album Care is bigger, louder and darker than previous album Beseech Me (2020).

CLAMM dodged lockdowns to record at Rolling Stock and Sound Park Studios with Nao Anzai (NO ZU, Cash Savage, Rolling Blackouts). Nao also plays fearsome synth on the album and has joined the band on-stage at recent shows. Saxophonist Anna Gordon (Mangelwurzel) contributes wild free jazz skronk to a number of track.

CLAMM explore the confusion of what it is to be a young person trying to live an honourable life in this fucked up world. Their songs are about trying to navigate systems of power and oppression while retaining a healthy sense of self and mental health. Community, creativity, and catharsis are what they hope to achieve through their music.

1. Scheme
2. Bit Much
3. Something New
4. Buy
5. Monday
6. Done It Myself
7. Care
8. Fearmonger
9. Global
10. NRG
11. That Way
12. I Can Do It
13. Make Time
14. Incompetence
15. Symphony

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