BUILT TO SPILL 'Perfect From Now On' LP


Heavy vinyl version - back in print!

'Perfect From Now On' is the third studio album from American underground 90's indie heroes Built To Spill.

"Released in 1994, it’s an unassuming, lovely slab of lo-fi fuzz-pop about growing up, and not growing up, in Idaho, with picaresque lyrics..." - Pitchfork 9.2/10

A1 Randy Described Eternity 6:09
A2 I Would Hurt A Fly 6:15
A3 Stop The Show 6:26
B1 Made-Up Dreams 4:52
B2 Velvet Waltz 8:33
B3 Kicked It In The Sun 7:32
C1 Out Of Site 5:33
C2 Untrustable / Part 2 (About Someone Else) 8:53
D1 Easy Way 6:54

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