BOSTON SPACESHIPS (GBV) 'Our Clubhouse Still Rocks' LP


The excellent 4th long player from BOSTON SPACESHIPS - another brilliant indie-pop-psych-rock project from the ever prolific ROBERT POLLARD (Guided By Voices)

"Bob Pollard's new Spaceships LP is not only rife with stuff for megafans to pore over but could catch on with those who'd forgotten about the man as well." - Pitchfork

1 Track Star
2 John The Dwarf Wants To Become An Angel
3 I See You Coming
4 Fly Away (Terry Sez)
5 Trick Of The Telekinetic Newlyweds
6 Saints Don't Lie
7 The British And The French
8 Unshaven Bird
9 Come On Baby Grace
10 Freedom Rings
11 Stunted
12 Bombadine
13 Airwaves
14 Dunkirk Is Frozen
15 King Green Stamp
16 In The Bathroom (Up 1/2 The Night)

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