BLACK FLAG 'The First Four Years' LP


Finally back in print!! The First Four Years is not only the definitive release of pre-Rollins Black Flag, it's an absolutely essential document of American punk. Combining all the band's output before Henry Rollins joined the band, this features three distinct vocalists who each hold their own. This is the music that built Black Flag's reputation as the hardest band around. Henry Rollins agrees: there isn't a bad song on here.

The first four tracks are the foundational Nervous Breakdown EP featuring Keith Morris, who went on to start the Circle Jerks. Scathing as it is, Nervous Breakdown is as sparse and as lightweight as the band ever sounded. Things get a little hotter with the Jealous Again EP featuring vocalist #2: Ron Reyes. Credited as Chavo Pederast because of his tumultuous exit from the band, Reyes' work on here is probably my favorite of the lot. He's got like, six minutes of play time but the band is noticeably more explosive.

A1 Nervous Breakdown 2:10
A2 Fix Me 0:58
A3 I've Had It 1:26
A4 Wasted 0:51
A5 Jealous Again 1:52
A6 Revenge 0:59
A7 White Minority 1:02
A8 No Values 1:45
A9 You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You! 0:52
B1 Clocked In 1:33
B2 Six Pack 2:19
B3 I've Heard It Before 1:39
B4 American Waste 1:33
B5 Machine 1:28
B6 Louie Louie 1:18
B7 Damaged I

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