BENCH PRESS 'S/t' LP + T-Shirt


"Each time I listened to the album, I had to remind myself that this is their debut album. Ten tracks of near-perfect, very Melbourne post-punk. But hey, what’s perfection in punk anyway? They’re getting a well-deserved nine out of ten for this release – and that’s entirely selfish, so they’ve got room to grow to a ten for their next album. Only good things to come here." - Beat Magazine

"Think The Nation Blue spliced with Joy Division, or Eddy Current Suppression Ring having a crack at covering The Stone Roses; however you slice it, Bench Press is an exciting, earnest and thoroughly enjoyable listen." - Hysteria Magazine
"It’s a beautiful, fucked up ride." - Rolling Stone

Debut album from exciting new Melbourne post-punk outfit BENCH PRESS. Original painted artwork by Ruby Lu. Limited edition pack comes with Bench Press t-shirt + LP.

Recorded and mixed over the summer of 2017 by Matt Chow and mastered by Mikey Young, Bench Press's debut album straddles the sound of classic post-punk (a la Dischord / Touch & Go Records) and the gritty style of garage-rock that their hometown of Melbourne is well versed in. Ten tracks that emit that wonderful blend of youthful energy and warm sense of years gone by - when 
underground music was delivered with less frills and with more urgency.

Vocalist Jack Stavrakis muses, "lyrically this album is all about introspection - looking closely at yourself and being honest about your own situation in an attempt to better understand how you feel - to learn from this and to be the best you can be.”

FOR FANS OF: Cable Ties, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Slint, Rites Of Spring ++

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