ASTUTE PALATE 'Astute Palate' LP


Somewhat of a supergroup featuring: David Nance + Charles, Emily Robb and Dan Provenzano....a little of the soulful fried out country-garage Nance is known for with element of psych rock and tastefully overblown guitar freak outs....this rules - highly recommended!

Twelve inches of evidence of a whirlwind Philadelphia weekend. ASTUTE PALATE wrote and recorded the record and played a gig and consumed a dozen burritos and a pile of beer and shipped a fella back to Omaha. The audacious ad-hoc 4-piece ragged combo put in the sleepless 48 hours and this is what we get: 2 raw sides of electric rock action with all the humbucked girth, single-coil screech & low down thud a Tascam 388 can handle. Today’s necessary palate cleanser. Recorded & mixed by EMILY ROBB, mastered by MIKEY YOUNG.

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