It may be more than a decade old, but Winehouse's 2006 masterpiece remains a tremendously important album. Hailed by Newsweek Magazine as a cross between Billie Holiday and Lauryn Hill, British soul singer Amy Winehouse's U.S. debut, Back To Black hits the US amid a flurry of accolades, radio and TV buzz unprecedented in recent years for a young siren. Her brassy mix of emotive vocals tinged with 60's girl-group stylings, sly funk, and anguished jazz, sparked the New York Daily News to crown Back To Black a "marvelous debut that would do Etta James proud" while New Yorker Magazine called her "a fierce English performer whose voice combines the smoky depths of a jazz chanteuse with the heated passion of a soul singer," and Spin Magazine affirming "there's never been A British star quite like her."

"...It’s only human to want to honour an artist after she’s gone, but ‘Back To Black’ would be recognised as a tremendously important album even if poor Amy Winehouse had managed to defeat her demons. The fact an album this honest, fearless and unique became a huge hit opened the door for so many artists who were a little bit different. Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga, Emeli Sandé and Florence Welch have all hailed Amy as an influence. “Because of her, I picked up a guitar, and because of her, I write my own songs,” Adele told Rolling Stone last year. “The songs that I got signed with are the songs I wrote completely on my own. If it wasn’t for her, that wouldn’t have happened. I owe 90 percent of my career to her.” Click here to read full article.

Back To Black smolders with a bristling fusion of old school doo-wop/soul inflected uprisings, (the charismatic singer/songwriter wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album) brewing instant classics such as the Shirley Ellis influenced "Rehab," the Supremes tinged title song "Back To Black," the aching "Wake Up Alone," and the album's closer, "Addicted."

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