PHIL & THE TILES 'Phil & The Tiles' 7"


1. Health/Body 02:18
2. Elixir 03:07
3. Nun's Dream 02:50
4. Trepanation 02:38

Phil and the Tiles formed in a Moorabbin shed, late 2019 in Melbourne’s South East; a stripped back glitter-group playing modified pop, stuck together like sticky tape and PVA glue.

Phil’s upfront with colourful ramblings, while The Tiles lay the backing down firm. Sound references may include punk staples like Magazine and The Fall, alongside modern day classics such as early UV Race, Institute, even at times, Country Teasers. Whirling, questioning ,trembling, searing and starry eyed, Phil & The Tiles draw their own line by perverse lamentations, friendships lost and found, catholic frustration and factory life repression. We have what you need to get you dancing in your own area.

Equal parts happy & sad, morbid & gratifying; it’s refreshing to hear a great young punk band just starting out and doing it right. Phil & The Tiles’ S/T 7” is the debut release from this Melbourne 6-piece, and will be available from October 28th on Anti Fade Records.

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