GRIM FANDANGO 'Flicker Noise' CD

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Perth's Grim Fandango dish up their long awaited second full length album!

Recorded and mixed at Adelaide's Capital Sound Studio by James Balderston (Coerce, SXWZD) and mastered by Carl Saff (Dinosaur Jr., Guided By Voices) 'Flicker Noise' is the follow up to Grim Fandango's brilliant 'Birthmark Blues' album and sees the band adding a more expansive, mature and eclectic sound to their well establish gritty 'house show' style of punk/ indie rock.

"To me, Grim Fandango are a shining example of the punk/ DIY spirit in this country. They exist in a part of Australia that makes touring expensive and hard, yet they've worked at building a community of like minded friends and musicians in Western Australia that allows bands from the East Coast and overseas to feel welcome playing in their home city. 'Flicker Noise' is a huge achievement for Grim in both song writing quality and production; a perfect collision of Merge Records esque 90's indie-rock and angsty, off kilter pop-punk. If RVIVR, Archers Of Loaf, Dikembe or Superchunk ruffles your feathers - take note!" - Andy (Poison City)

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