CLOSER YOU ARE: The Story Of Guided By Voices/ Robert Pollard - Book


Hardback cover edition of CLOSER YOU ARE: The Story Of Guided By Voices & Robert Pollard.

Closer You Are is a book is written by Matthew Cutter, a longtime friend of Pollard's who wrote it with the singer's blessing. The author conducted interviews with Pollard's friends, family and bandmates, and he was reportedly given "unfettered access to Pollard himself and his extensive archives." Closer You Are takes its name from a track from the 1995 GBV album Alien Lanes. A listing from the publisher offers the following taste of what the book will contain inside of its pages:

Pollard was a longtime grade school teacher who toiled endlessly on his music, only finding success after adopting a do-it-yourself approach, relying on lo-fi home recordings for much of his and his band's career. A prolific artist, Pollard continues to churn out album after album, much to the acclaim of critics and his obsessive and devoted fans. But his story has never been faithfully told in its entirety. Until now.

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