A DEATH IN THE FAMILY 'This Microscopic War' CD

$4.00 $14.00

Debut album from Melbourne band, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY. Produced by Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface).

"The end result is a truly hook-laden 10 track debut album that is complemented by an amazing production job from Frankie Stubbs of LEATHERFACE. The ringing guitars, emotion, power and melody is all there. As you'd expect, another essential purchase" - AMERICAN MUSIC PRESS (USA)

"If any other release in the next year, (in the next three years!) comes anywhere close to this then it's gonna be, I don't know - a lost basement disc that Husker Du recorded between 'Flip Your Wig' and 'New Day Rising'. For "This Microscopic War" sounds that good!" - SCREAMING BLOODY MESS (Australia)

FOR FANS OF: Leatherface, Archers Of Loaf, Jawbreaker

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