NED COLLETTE 'Our Other History' LP


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'Our Other History' is a wonderful new LP by the wandering Berlin-based Melbourne expat Ned Collette. Ned's last album, 'Afternoon—Dusk' was an avant instrumental trio outing with James Rushford and Joe Talia, but 'Our Other History' is a return to delicate, sophisticated song craft of his 2018 masterpiece, 'Old Chestnut.' 

Ned's approach to lyrics, vocals and music shares a melancholic beauty that is both haunted and haunting. His words are often more impressionistic than overt in their storytelling, but his vocals carry hints that recall those of the legendary Roy Harper. But where Harper's attack was often Dionysian, Collette's approach is Apollonian, and the tracks often have a compositional feel with a distinct taste of chamber prog. 

The players this time include old hands, like drummer Steve Heather and pianist Chris Abrahams (of The Necks), but there are a bunch of new players on hand, including Melbourne mates, Jim White and Mick Turner (of Dirty 3 fame) and the folksinger, Leah Senior. All these elements (and more) are fitted together with elegance and allowed space to breathe. 

"Collette's music is hard to classify. It exists inside a dynamic flux made up of equal parts post-rock, folk, jazz and avant prog, but it manages to remain plain-spoken and uncluttered regardless of how complex its structure can be when you start parsing it. But why bother? With a record as throughly lovely as 'Our Other History', the best idea is to just relax and let the music flow. Beautifully." – Byron Coley 2024

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