LUBRICATED GOAT 'Plays The Devil's Music' LP


Sorcerer Records present a reissue of LUBRICATED GOAT's debut LP Plays The Devil's Music, originally released in 1987. It's been out of circulation for over two decades, and Sorcerer Records presents this classic slice of underground Australiana in all its glory. Recorded over two recording sessions in mid-1986, one in Perth and one in Adelaide, Plays The Devil's Music wasn't really seen by LG founder/mainstay STU SPASM (ex-BEASTS OF BOURBON, SALAMANDER JIM, et al.) as a part of any grand musical plan. He recorded these tracks with his friends MARTIN BLAND, BRETT FORD, and PETE HARTLEY and went back to Sydney with the tapes. John Foy of Black Eye Records loved the results and the band known as Lubricated Goat was born.

Over the course of several more full-lengths and an EP or two, the band made themselves a reputation as one of Australia's finest purveyors of post-punk noise-rock before relocating to the US. The musical scene centered around the Black Eye label in Sydney at the time, with bands such as the 'Goat, Thug (featuring a young Tex Perkins), No More Bandicoots, Box The Jesuit, etc. remains one of Australia's richest, weirdest and most inventive conglomeration of musicians and artists, and Stu and company were right in the thick of it. Lubricated Goat were (perhaps correctly) often compared to the Butthole Surfers at the time, and their mix of punk, post-punk, noise, and a taste for the absurd puts them firmly in the same camp. Throw in a little bit of Stooges/Birthday Party-style grunt and a distinctly Australian sense of humor and you're getting close to the magic of early Lubricated Goat. This edition comes remastered c/o MIKEY YOUNG. Comes in original artwork and inner sleeve; Includes download card; Includes new liner notes from Stu Spasm detailing the history of the recording. Recommended for fans of: Butthole Surfers,Killdozer, Pere Ubu, Big Black, Birthday Party.

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