FLYYING COLOURS 'You Never Know + Flyying Colours' 2LP Bundle


For a limited time - get FLYYING COLOURS' latest dose of dream-pop mastery 'You Never Know' (2023) with the self-titled LP that contains remastered version of Flyying Colours' first two EPs! Special bundle price - shipping world wide.

FLYYING COLOURS 'Flyying Colours - First Two EPs' LP
1. Like You Said
2. Wavygravy
3. She Leaves
4. Feathers
5. Bugs
6. I Don't Want To Let You Down
7. Running Late
8. Not Today
9. In The End
10. Leaks

1. Lost Then Found
2. Long Distance
3. I Live In A Small Town
4. Do You Feel The Same?
5. Oh
6. Bright Lights
7. Hit The Road
8. Goodbye to Music
9. Modern Dreams
10. Never Forget

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