FERLA 'It's Personal' LP


They dug deep. They bled. They wept. They got to work. Now Melbourne’s after-dark pop darlings FERLA are gifting you their debut album 'It's Personal'. Full of the lush synth-warble and pop pathos for which the band are known, It’s Personal condenses a tumultuous year of Giuliano Ferla’s life into 50 minutes of music and lyrics. “It’s like when you make grappa,” says Giuliano, “you get all the leftovers from making the wine; the skins, the seeds, the twigs, all the rubbish; and then you squeeze. You extract every last little morsel of flavour. You wring and you wrench and you screw to the last drop. And what comes out? The purest of the pure. A year distilled. That’s what this album is.” FERLA are offering you a glass of confessional pop. Drink up.

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