GRAND FATAL 'Free In Fractions' CD

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Sydney's GRAND FATAL return with their long awaited second album 'Free In Fractions'. A thrilling ride through 12 tracks of driving post-punk and explosive rock.

Recorded at Megaphon Studios (Midnight Oil, Front End Loader, Hard-Ons ) by producer JonBoyRock and mastered at West West Side Studios New York, GRAND FATAL's latest offering is as meticulous as it is chaotic. 'Free In Fractions' showcases GRAND FATAL's skill at melding infectious hooks with cathartic post-punk noise, delivering every song with their trademark passion and energy.

Sydney foursome Grand Fatal exploded to prominence a few years back, smashing out two EPs in quick succession, hogging alternative airwaves with thrilling tunes like Baker Boy and Chaser Eraser and eating up extensive tour mileage with everyone from Grinspoon to Hot Snakes. Their 2005 debut album, Allies, was good enough to be voted into Rolling Stoneís Top 50 albums of that year, but pressure, exhaustion and a high turnover of bassists all conspired to send them into a tailspin. Three years later, Free In Fractions finds the band back and channelling their frustrations into an emotion-charged pop-rock effort that goes well beyond the Fugazi and At The Drive-In ruminations of the past. Complimenting this increase in songwriting dynamic is a lively recording courtesy of long-time conspirator Jon ëjonboyrockí Gardener (Hard-Ons, Front End Loader, Further). Though commercial success may still prove elusive, Free In Fractions shows this once highly promising group is back on the path to potential greatness. ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE.

FOR FANS OF: Fugazi, Hot Snakes, Jawbox, Front End Loader

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